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New tires enhance the handling and safety of all types of vehicles from passenger cars to ATVs. Price is only one factor to keep in mind when you order new tires for your vehicle.

Finding the right tire: Important factors to consider when ordering new tires include the tread type, the weight rating, the speed rating, and the general purpose of the tire. The weight and speed ratings for tires are indicated by the last number and letter on the tire's long alphanumeric designation. For example, the symbol 87S has a maximum weight designation of 87 and a maximum speed designation rated as S. This rating indicates the tire can carry 1,201 pounds and manage speeds up to 112 miles per hour.

Finding tire rating charts: Tire manufacturers list rating charts on their websites. Or, you can purchase a manual to have a permanent copy of tire ratings.

However, you don't need special charts to order the correct set of tires for your vehicle. Look up the recommended tire type for your make and model of vehicle, and select tires designated with the same number and letter sequence as the recommended tire type.