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Diapers are among the most important baby accessories. Understanding the differences between the various types of diapers will help you choose the best ones for your baby.

The two major types of diapers are cloth and disposable. Disposable diapers are more commonly used, although cloth diapers are making a comeback. Cloth diapers are usually made from cotton with an outer cover to prevent leaks. They may be one-piece "all-in-one" diapers or two-piece systems, in which the diaper and cover are separate. Disposable diapers are made from a plastic material. Because cloth diapers are reusable, they reduce waste and can save money, but many parents find disposable diapers more convenient because they don't have to be washed.

Certain types of diapers are designed for specific uses. swim diapers are meant to be used in the pool or at the beach. Training pants are designed to aid in potty training. They can be easily pulled up and down like underwear, but they also offer protection against leaks.