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40-Inch TV

When you're ready to pick up a new TV, Daily Saves's selection of new and refurbished 40-inch TVs gives you a wide variety of choices and savings. These models come with different screen types and have features designed to enhance your viewing experience. Shop our TVs by Size to browse other popular sizes.

Screen types are flat or curved, with flat screens offering an equal amount of brightness everywhere on the screen and curved offering an equidistant viewing experience from everywhere in the room. Screens also come in different formats, such as HD, Full-HD, Ultra HD and 3D to accommodate your viewing preferences.

Our 40-inch televisions also come with your choice of features that make watching TV more fun. These features include smart technology for downloading apps and streaming programming over your Wi-Fi connection, integrated media players, and HDMI ports that let you connect your computer to the television set if the model you choose doesn't have smart capabilities.