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Would a 60-inch TV be a suitable choice for my living room?

A 60-inch TV is a suitable option for a seating distance of up to 9 feet, so if you plan to watch from a greater distance, a larger screen may be more appropriate. And be sure to shop our TVs by Size to browse other popular sizes.

Why do 60-inch TV prices vary so much?

Features such as 4K resolution, smart capabilities, curved screens and brand all influence the price of a TV, so it is important to consider your preferences before opting for one model or another. A 4K TV is a good choice if you want crystal-clear video, while a curved screen is suitable if you want a more cinematic experience.

What is the difference between LED and OLED screens?

LED screens are more readily available, and they offer high brightness. OLED screens are rarer and more expensive; they offer stunning black levels because every pixel is self-illuminated.