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Liquid crystal display televisions (LCD TVs) offer high-resolution pictures in a wide range of sizes. They're also energy efficient and work well in all lighting conditions, although they tend to perform best in well-lit rooms. LCD TVs are usually backlit by CCFLs (cold cathode fluorescent lamps). Although they're not as thin as most led TVs, LCD TVs can still be quite slim.

When shopping for an LCD TV, look for a high screen resolution (above 1280 x 720) for the best HD experience. Another factor to pay attention to is the width of the screen. For viewing movies and HDTV content, you'll want a widescreen TV, with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Finally, when deciding on the size of the TV set, think about the size of the room it will be in and where you'll be sitting. A larger TV will provide the best viewing experience in a large room where you'll be seated far away, but if the room is small and you'll be seated close up, a smaller set is better to avoid awkward viewing angles.

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