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Power Tools

Power tools are often more efficient than hand tools and are essential for many projects. And choosing the right power tool is often key to getting the job done right.

power drills are used to bore holes and install fasteners such as screws. Since these tasks are common to many projects, a power drill is a useful tool to own.

Nail guns drive nails into wood and other materials. Hammers suffice for many small projects, but a nail gun is useful if your project involves many nails or if they have to be driven into particularly hard materials.

power saws can cut many different materials. There are many types of power saws, so choose one that's appropriate for the material you want to cut and consider whether you need it to be portable.

Power sanders round sharp edges and smooth surfaces more quickly and efficiently than sandpaper. A power sander is worth getting if you're doing a project involving large pieces of wood.

bench grinders are used for sharpening other tools and for removing rust. angle grinders help alter metal and masonry materials such as tile.

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