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Tablet PCs

A tablet PC is the happy medium between laptops and smartphones: they are light and portable while sporting a large screen great for work, play or multitasking.

While shopping for a new tablet, keep factors like screen size and keyboard access in mind. The average tablet screen size is between seven and 11 inches. Seven and eight inch tablets are easy to hold in one hand while browsing the internet and can also easily fit in a purse or bag. 10 inch and up tablets are better designed for watching movies, playing video games or typing, but may require a larger tote bag or carrying case.

If you plan to type a lot on your tablet, consider a 2-in-1 or convertible model. Convertible tablets provide the versatility of writing emails with a detachable keyboard and also the ability to draw and design with the touchscreen. The touchscreen keyboard on a stand-alone tablet is perfect for basic tasks like shopping and playing games.

The best tablets for kids are durable and inexpensive. Look for tablets for less than $100 that include bumpers and protected screens. Not only do kids tablets familiarize your child with technology but they often come preloaded with multiple learning apps and games.

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