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Halloween Costumes

With all the costume choices available, it can be a challenge to come up with the perfect costume for you. To narrow down your options, it may be helpful to think in terms of costume categories.

Career costumes include firefighter costumes, teacher costumes and rock star costumes. If you choose a career costume, pay attention to the accessories you choose: the details will make the costume look complete.

Fantasy costumes include knight costumes, ogre costumes and witch costumes. You can make these unique by getting creative with color, fabric and makeup.

Character costumes are designed to resemble characters from TV shows, books or movies. If you go this route, be prepared with some typical lines to help people recognize your character.

Object costumes resemble inanimate objects, such as a pair of scissors or a block of cheese. Since some object costumes can be heavy or bulky, it's a good idea to wear light clothes underneath.

You may also choose a couple or group costume, featuring a theme in which the various parts make up a whole. Make sure to spend time with the other member(s) of your group so that people can see the whole picture.

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