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What is a kid trampoline?

A kid trampoline is a small trampoline designed specifically for small children. Kid trampolines range in size but generally are intended to be enjoyed by one or two children at time. They can be used for recreational fun or fitness and are generally placed outside in a front or backyard. Their small size allows for easy storage, simply slide under a porch or put away in a closet when not in use.

What are the different styles of kid trampolines?

Although kid trampolines are small, they are available in a spring and spring-less designs. Spring-style trampolines are constructed with springs that are positioned along the outer edge of the trampoline, although most modern versions have pads or panels that cover these springs, the springs can still cause accidental injuries. Spring-less trampolines are designed specially to reduce or even eliminate the chance of accidental injuring caused by jumping on, or being pinched by springs. Spring-less trampolines are designed with rods that sit under the jumping matt, completely out of the way of the jumper, or elastic bands that act like springs but are soft and flexible. Kid trampolines are also available with cool features and accessories like mesh enclosures to prevent falling off, ball pits, basketball hoops and an adjustable handrail to provide a studier jumping experience for small children. Kid trampolines are a great way to develop motor skills, while also increasing their balancing and social skills when engaged with other children.