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Straight Talk Wireless

Enjoy the freedom, flexibility and functionality of a prepaid, no-contract phone with Straight Talk Wireless, Only at Daily Saves. Select from the latest phones or keep your phone and enjoy coverage on America's largest, most dependable networks.

How to switch to Straight Talk

  • Choose from a wide variety of phones or bring your own phone with you.
  • Choose a no-contract monthly plan and save compared to your current contract bill.
  • Activate your phone online and start saving.

Select a phone

If you don't already have a phone you'd like to bring with you, Straight Talk has plenty to pick from. Select from a variety of popular cell phones, including Apple iPhone 6 and 6s and Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6, all at Every Day Low Prices.

You can also choose from a wide selection of phones under $100, like the Samsung Galaxy Express 3 GoPhone and models from LG, Motorola, Kyocera and many others.


A great deal on wireless is only as good as the coverage area with it. If you bring your own phone with you, you can keep your current number and network. Straight Talk buys airtime from all four major networks rather than building its own, so most phones will work just fine. In fact, by using the nation's leading cellular providers, about 99 percent of the country is covered. This provides a solution for pretty much everywhere cellular service is available.

To be sure that Straight Talk provides coverage in your local calling area, visit the StraightTalk website and enter the ZIP code where you'll be using your Straight Talk phone the most.

Home phone

You may want to check out a prepaid wireless home phone, a portable wireless device that's compatible with your existing corded or cordless phone. No high-speed Internet or landline is required and you get all the features you need at no extra cost voicemail, caller ID, three-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding, even calls to 911. It's a cost-efficient alternative to existing landline services.

Select a plan

With Straight Talk Wireless, you can pick a plan that works best for you. There are a wide variety of plans to choose from. Get more for your money with unlimited nationwide talk, text and data for 30 days or more. You can select a 3- or 6-month plan even a year, if you'd like. Straight Talk offers a variety of plans depending on your needs. There are four 30-day service plans:

  • $30 All You Need Plan with 1,500 nationwide minutes, unlimited nationwide messages, plus 100 megabytes of data.
  • $45 Unlimited plan with unlimited talk, text and data, with the first 10 gigabytes of data at high speeds, then 2G.
  • $55 ULTIMATE UNLIMITED plan with unlimited Data, Talk, and Text. All the high speed data you need! Video typically streams at DVD quality.
  • $60 Unlimited International Plan with unlimited nationwide minutes, unlimited messages, with the first 10 gigabytes at high speed, then 2G plus. Unlimited International calling to mobile phones in Mexico, Canada, China, India and over 1,000 landline destinations, including 400 minutes to call Claro Guatemala subscribers.

you'll need to refill your service plan every 30 days in order to keep your Straight Talk phone active. You can also enroll in an auto-refill program, which will automatically refill your plan when you reach the end date of your service period.

There are also three additional Unlimited Plans that offer unlimited talk, text and/or multimedia messages and a fixed amount of data during 90 days, 180 days or one year of service.

Straight Talk Broadband

Straight Talk Broadband is a Straight Talk mobile hotspot that gives you a wireless Internet connection with no software to install, no contract and no monthly fees or charges, plus you can connect up to five devices.

This portable little Internet connection device taps into America's largest and most dependable 4G LTE networks and wirelessly shares its data connection with multiple devices at once, so you can get Wi-Fi anywhere you go. Whether you're posting on social media or streaming your favorite TV shows, there are plenty of plans to suit your data needs.

With Daily Saves's wireless phones and plans, there are lots of ways to get more for your dollar. Save money. Live better.

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