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About Rugs -

What to Look for When Shopping for Rugs

If you're opting for rugs over wall-to-wall carpeting, you'll appreciate the style and cost benefits as well as the dozens of ways you can use accent or area rugs to transform a room. There's more to choosing a new rug than just picking a pattern you like, however. At Daily Saves, you'll find a wide variety of area rugs, accent rugs and runners at Every Day Low Prices. We offer rugs in all ranges of colors, styles and sizes to coordinate with your furniture and home's decor in every room in the house. Consider the following points before you begin shopping.

Kids' & Teens' Rugs

From novelty football shapes to black tinsel fur and rainbow zebra to peace sign patterns on accent rugs, kids and teens have options to decorate their rooms right down to the floor. Kids can find rugs to match their passions, from rugs printed with world maps to solar systems to graphic prints and images of Manhattan and Paris. You'll find loads of bold and colorful or soothing and tranquil ideas to go from playroom to dorm room.

  • Look for coordinating accessories like toss pillows, curtains and bedding
  • Consider machine-washable rugs or spot-cleanable cotton rugs for younger kids
  • Try rugs with non-skid backings to keep little feet stable, especially in rooms with hardwood flooring

Indoor/outdoor rugs & Doormats

An indoor/outdoor rug looks as good under your dining room table as it does under your patio table. These double-duty rugs are manufactured for ultra-durability and easy maintenance, and they're resistant to mold, mildew, sun, water and other elements. When it comes to indoor/outdoor doormats, choose from durable options including rubber or crack- and warp-resistant bamboo.

  • Indoor/outdoor rugs are made from synthetics or synthetic blends
  • Indoor/outdoor rugs and doormats are easy to wash off with a garden hose
  • Make sure your interior doormat is thin enough to allow your door to easily open

Specialty Rugs

Turn to unique ideas that express your style when it comes to accent rugs. Available in a variety of materials, these rugs feature prints and bright colors that help you achieve the decor look you love.

  • Rug sets are ideal for pulling together a room's decor and allowing you to define zones in large areas with rugs that are identically styled
  • Kitchen anti-fatigue mats offer additional comfort with gel-infused padding
  • Activity rugs for young kids let them use their imaginations with themes, including horse farms, car racing tracks, hopscotch squares and city streets
  • Monogrammed rugs make ideal wedding, anniversary, baby shower, hostess or housewarming gifts for bedrooms, bathrooms or even in front of a fireplace for a classic touch

Rug Grips & Rug Pads

Rug grips are used under rugs with rough woven but slippery backings. If you have wood floors, it's a smart idea to get a rug grip to hold the rug and its edges in place and prevent tripping on wrinkled sections or curled edges. Rugs without non-slip backings can work if you place them on textured tile or carpet, but as a precaution, a rug pad or rug grip is a smart purchase. Rug pads come in various materials and thicknesses, and some work best on wood or carpet. A rug pad also prevents your rug from slipping and bunching, but it also has added padding to protects the rug from the wear and tear of heavy traffic.

  • Look for special round rug pads for your shaped rugs
  • Be sure to move rug grips by lifting them up every so often so they don't damage the floor beneath

Size and Proportion Tips

Balance the look for your room by placing your rug in the appropriate position under furniture. By balancing the room with a rug, you'll impact the space's look, feel and functionality. Rugs come in various sizes that allow design flexibility, including 2'x3', 3'x5', 5'x8', 6'x9' and 8'x10'.

  • Living room: make sure the rug is large enough to fit under the front legs of your sofa and chairs
  • Living room: leave 12 18 inches of exposed flooring around the edges of the rug
  • Dining room: the rug under the table should extend 1' beyond chairs when they're pulled out
  • Bedroom: choose a large plush rug to create warm greeting for bare feet
  • Hallways: long, narrow runner rugs for hallways should leave several inches of exposed floor on either side of for a balanced look

Types of Weaves

The weave of a rug determines how flat or fluffy it will look and feel. For the look of luxury, choose handmade or hand-knotted rugs, or achieve a similar look with a hand-tufted rug.

  • Tufted rugs have a soft, plush feel. They're often machine-washable and backed with skid-resistant material
  • Hand-woven and hand-knotted rugs are more expensive, more durable and may require professional cleaning
  • Flat weave rugs have a flat, thin pile but can be layered for extra padding
  • Braided rugs are chunky and highly durable with classic looks

Types of Fibers

Despite their variety, it's easy to understand rug fibers. Most fibers used to manufacture rugs are highly durable to withstand high-traffic areas, but some fibers are more expensive and can only be spot-cleaned.

  • Wool is soft underfoot, durable and ideal for high-traffic areas. It's sometime safe to use infrequently in damp areas, and it insulates a room efficiently. It's typically more expensive than most other fibers.
  • Cotton is affordable and soft on the feet, but its piles need to be re-fluffed regularly. Cotton requires spot cleaning to prevent shrinkage and is smooth enough to require a rug pad.
  • Natural fibers include jute, sea grass and sisal. They're cool underfoot and often have cotton borders for extra durability. They need to be spot cleaned and may require rug pads to prevent slippage unless placed on top of another rug or carpet for stability.
  • Synthetics such as olefin, nylon, polypropylene, acrylic and other man-made fibers are fade and stain resistant, machine-washable and typically have latex backings.

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