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About Sports & Outdoors –

Sports & outdoors equipment: Your essentials

An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. Spending time outdoors or taking up a sport can lower your stress levels, slim your waistline, and give you a general sense of improved well-being. Even playing games with your friends can boost your coordination and attention. If you're looking for a new way to get your body moving or need to upgrade your equipment, explore our selection of sports and fitness gear.


With a bike, you can explore new paths and go places that a car or truck can't reach. Choose a bike designed for the places you plan to ride. If you want to start cycling for fitness or need a way to get around quickly, check out road bikes. Designed for use on pavement, these bikes keep you in an aerodynamic position so you can go the distance. If you prefer riding around hilly terrain or gravel paths, consider a mountain bike. These bikes are heavier than road bikes but they have wider tires, more substantial brakes, and shock absorbers to cushion your ride.

Other types of bikes blend elements of road and mountain bikes. Cruisers work well for short, casual rides. Wider seats and handlebars that let you ride in a seated position keep you comfortable as you pedal. If you need help moving up inclines, consider an electric bike that makes your commute less strenuous. If you can't decide, look for hybrid bikes that move well on pavement and off-road terrain.


Make yourself right at home when you're camping or tailgating in a tent or shelter that protects you and your companions from the elements. Choose from single-person tents or spacious shelters that have plenty of space to set up chairs, mattresses, and other comforts of home for your whole family. Set up a sun shade for days at the beach so you have a place to escape the rays of the sun. Get ready for an epic road trip or backpacking adventure and stock up on duffel bags and coolers to store your stuff.

Exercise & fitness

No time for the gym? Create your own fitness center at home where you never have to wait to use the equipment and can work out on your own schedule. Set up a treadmill, elliptical, trampoline, or rowing machine and make heart-healthy cardio exercise part of your daily routine. Pick up a set of dumbbells or kettle bells in assorted weights so you can tone up at home. If space is an issue, check out weight stations that combine multiple types of exercises in a single unit.

If you're feeling more adventurous, check out martial arts gear. Stock up on gloves, bags, and pads for your favorite combat sports, including boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai. Then select recovery equipment like massage tools, rollers, and inversion tables that help you stretch and treat your sore muscles.


Discover the advantage of working out with others by joining a sports team. You get a built-in support group and find more motivation. Not ready to join a local league? Pick up a portable basketball court and invite the neighborhood children to dribble in your driveway. Set up a soccer net in your backyard. Slip on some roller blades and try your hand at hockey. You'll have fun while working up a sweat.


Whether you camp near a river or drive out to your favorite lake, spending a day fishing connects you with nature and gives you a chance to escape the modern world. Put together a fishing starter kit with a rod and tackle box. Start a collection of fishing lures so you're prepared for saltwater and freshwater angling adventures. Keep all your gear organized with a fishing rod rack and tackle box. And get out on the water with a fishing kayak to find the "big one" you've been looking for.

Game rooms

Create a retreat that can help keep everyone busy on rainy days. Set up a line of classic arcade games like skee-ball, indoor bowling, or video games. Test your coordination during an air hockey, table tennis, or billiards match. To maximize your space, consider a multi-game table that converts for different types of games. You'll be able to have hours of fun with the whole family.

Give yourself the tools you need to stay physically and mentally active. Ordering your favorite sports and fitness gear is easy and convenient. You can ship the items directly to your home or pick them up in your local store. It's just another way to Save Money. Live Better.

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