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Travel smart with luggage ideal for your needs

Taking a plane trip, ocean cruise, train excursion or even driving across the country means taking several changes of clothes, your toiletries and other essentials with you. It's easy to take your items with the right luggage, and it helps you protect your things even when they're out of your sight. Whether you just need one duffel bag or want a set of matching hard-sided luggage that makes it easy for the whole family to keep track of their belongings, you can save money at Daily Saves thanks to our Every Day Low Prices. Traveling can be expensive. Buying new luggage from Daily Saves isn't. Here are some essential selections to shop for.

Luggage sets

Although you may prefer unique-looking pieces to mix and match as part of your luggage collection, a luggage set makes it easy to get all the pieces you need all with matching styles and features in one purchase. Luggage sets sometimes have as few as two pieces or as many as eight or more. These sets are available in basic colors and in bright colors with interesting designs so you can spot them easily on an airport luggage carousel. If you're looking for a well-rounded set, try a basic set of luggage that comes with four pieces: two upright suitcases one usually a little smaller than the other plus a utility case and a shoulder tote or duffel bag. You can also choose sets that have four different-sized upright luggage pieces. Many of these pieces have skate-like wheels, retractable handles and exterior and interior zippers for additional storage. Luggage materials to choose from include polycarbonate, polyester, canvas, nylon, aluminum and leather choose aluminum if you're looking for highly durable hard-sided luggage. There are also many distinct types of luggage from which you can choose as well.

  • Rolling luggage Available in sizes that work for both checked luggage and carry-on luggage, these pieces have wheels on one side and a long, extendable handle on the other to allow you to pull or push your luggage easily, which is especially handy for heavy bags or running through the airport.
  • Spinner luggage These are rolling luggage pieces with multidirectional wheels that rotate 360 degrees for increased mobility. These are also available in carry-on and checked luggage sizes.
  • Hardside luggage These luggage pieces are made from hard materials, including polycarbonate and ABS plastic, making them extremely durable. There are sizes available for both checked and carry-on luggage, and some are expandable to allow for more packing space.
  • Carry-on luggage These are luggage items that are no more than 45 liner inches in length (which is the combined height, length and depth of the bag) so that they fit easily in an overhead compartment on a plane. All forms of luggage qualify as carry-on luggage if they meet the standardized size requirements.
  • garment bags These are soft, vertical bags that fold in half and are ideal for suits, formal wear and other clothing that you want to protect or keep from getting wrinkled while you travel. Usually used a carry-on item for plane travel, these feature both a handle and shoulder strap.
  • Duffel bags These soft-sided bags that come with a handle and a shoulder strap are ideal for overnight trips or weeklong vacations. You'll have to check larger duffel bags, but smaller ones are ideal as carry-on luggage. Some come with wheels.

Kids' luggage

Kids' luggage items are the same types and pieces as regular luggage, only they're child-sized and styled with children in mind. There are luggage items with boys in mind, including those featuring movie characters, superheroes and TV show characters that boys like, as well as ones girls like, featuring bright, feminine colors and dolls and characters that little girls are fans of. Backpacks and duffel bags are common luggage styles for kids, but there are some upright pieces that are hard-sided with spinner wheels and extendible handles. Most kids' pieces are available separately, although there are some sets that feature an upright piece and a backpack or small carry-on bag.

Travel accessories

When traveling, it's the little things that can make your trip go much smoother. There are some extra items you should considering buying when you're purchasing new luggage. Some of these include:

  • Travel pillows These can make long plane, train or bus rides much more comfortable by making it easier to nap or rest your head while reading.
  • Luggage locks These provide additional protection to your checked luggage and are approved for use by the Transportation Security Administration.
  • Travel kits These kits include items like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and hand cream that are in appropriately sized bottles that you can carry on with you when boarding a plane. Some kits have empty bottles that you can use to fill with liquid items you already have at home and use every day.
  • Luggage tags Tags hold your contact information to identify your bags if they resemble similar bags on the luggage carousel. They also help someone contact you if your luggage is lost.
  • Identification holders These are plastic holders that you can wear around your neck to show easily at checkpoints. These hold items like boarding passes, ID cards and passports.

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