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About Pantry Food; Meal Solutions, Grains & Pasta -

What are essential pantry items to have on hand for cold potato and pasta salad recipes?

Mayonnaise and mustard are the basic dressing ingredients for a number of cold salad dressings. Add salad-making supplies like pickle relish, canned tuna, canned chunk chicken, dry pasta in various shapes, canned peas, black beans, and canned diced potatoes to your pantry shelves. Boxed salad kits are another staple to have on hand for busy days.

What are the best pantry staples for people who are too busy to cook from scratch?

Boxed side dishes like mac-and-cheese help you get dinner on the table in minutes with minimum prep involved. Shelf-stable, ready-to-heat meals and sides including pasta dishes and chili are quick dinner fixes. Ready-made pizza crusts and soft tortillas help you make great last minute meals like veggie pizzas and wraps.

How do you use almond butter?

Use almond butter the same way you use peanut butter, Spread it on toast or a banana. The milder flavor of almond butter also works in fruit dips, smoothies, Asian sauces, cookie recipes, and salads. Top oatmeal with almond butter, or spread over waffles and pancakes.

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