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Laptop Computers

With all the fantastic laptop computers available at Daily Saves, narrowing down your options can seem daunting. To find the best laptop for your needs, focus on who will be using it.

Students need small, lightweight laptops that can be carried to class every day in their backpacks. Good options include Google chromebooks and Microsoft's HP Stream, which rely primarily on web-based storage so that you don't have to shoulder the weight of a hard drive. They also tend to be very affordable.

If you're a gadget guru and want a truly high-performing laptop, look for one with a fast, energy-efficient processor, a minimum 500 GB hard drive and 8GM RAM. You may also want to consider 2-in-1 laptops, which convert into touchscreen tablets.

If you're a serious gamer, the most important aspects of your laptop will be the graphics component, the screen type, size and resolution, and the processor speed. Check out our selection of gaming laptops for some great options.

If you're a business user, you'll want a laptop that excels at speed and multitasking. Look for a fast duo-core or quad-core processor, and pay attention to features like battery life, total weight and keyboard size.

Whatever your specific needs, consider refurbished laptops. These are usually in like-new condition and offer great value.

With Daily Saves's great selection and Every Day Low Prices, you're sure to find a laptop that's right for you. Save money. Live better.